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The 1Win Aviator App offers our Indian users an immersive experience with a high RTP of 97%, provably fair technology, and compatibility across Android and iOS devices. Use promo code AviatorWin24 for special rewards. Enjoy secure, optimized gameplay tailored for smooth and engaging entertainment. Download the app today and begin playing 1Win Aviator!


The 1Win Aviator app, developed by Spribe, is a key part of our mobile gaming portfolio, designed for fairness and user engagement. The app uses provably fair technology to ensure transparent and fair gameplay, backed by cryptography for trust. With a 97% Return to Player (RTP) rate, it enhances winning opportunities. The app’s adaptive design ensures it works well on various devices, from smartphones to desktops.

Recognized by several regulatory authorities, the Aviator crash game in 1Win app holds licenses from the UK Gambling Commission (license Nr: 000-057302-R-333085-001), the Malta Gaming Authority (license Nr: RN/189/2020), and the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board (No 10189818-001), with a total of 18 licenses globally. These licenses highlight the app’s commitment to security and regulatory compliance, making it a reliable choice for a secure and engaging gaming experience.

Game DeveloperSpribe
LaunchedJanuary 2019
Licenses18, including MGA, UKGC, WCGRB
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, PC
Download Link1Win Aviator APK
Demo versionAvailable
Welcome Bonus+500% on first 4 deposits
Bonus for app installationINR 8000 ($100) to the bonus account
Promo CodeAviatorWin24
1win aviator app download

1Win Aviator App Download

The 1Win Aviator app ensures our Indian Android users a seamless and efficient gaming experience, optimized to run smoothly across devices. The process to download and install the app is straightforward—users download the APK from our website and adjust their device’s security settings to allow installation. This approach minimizes setup time and immediately immerses users in the Aviator game, featuring rich graphics and responsive gameplay optimized for diverse Android environments.

For iOS users, we optimize access to the 1Win Aviator platform through a shortcut created from Safari, eliminating the need for a traditional app download. This method provides fast access to the platform, akin to using a native app, and ensures iOS users experience consistent performance and quality. This strategy guarantees that all users, whether on Android or iOS, experience the 1Win Aviator game with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption.

How to Download and Install on Android

Installing our Aviator app on an Android device is designed to be straightforward, enabling users to quickly access their favorite game. The process begins with navigating to 1Win official website via your Android device’s web browser, ensuring you are downloading the most recent and secure version of our app directly from the source.

1win aviator apk download

Following these steps, our 1Win Aviator app will be fully installed and ready for use. Players can now enjoy a seamless gaming experience with optimized performance and high-quality graphics that are characteristic of the Aviator game.

Android System Requirements

To ensure optimal functionality and deliver a superior gaming experience with our Aviator 1Win app, it’s essential that Android devices meet certain system requirements. These criteria are designed to guarantee compatibility and smooth operation across different devices, minimizing any potential issues that could impact gameplay.

Operating SystemAndroid 5.0 or higher
RAMAt least 1 GB
Processor1 GHz or faster
StorageA minimum of 50 MB of free space

Meeting these requirements ensures that our 1Win Aviator app runs smoothly, providing an engaging and responsive gaming experience on Android devices.

How to Download and Install on iOS

While the 1Win Aviator app is not available as a direct download from the App Store for iOS devices, users can still enjoy quick access by creating a home screen shortcut to the our platform. This method provides a smooth and efficient way to access the game, ensuring that iOS users do not miss out on the 1Win Aviator experience.

aviator 1win app download
  1. Open Safari: Begin by opening the Safari browser on your iOS device. This browser is optimal for setting up the process to access our platform.
  2. Navigate to 1Win: Go to the 1Win official website using Safari to start the process. This is where you’ll initiate the setup for easy access to our gaming environment.
  3. Use the Share Icon: In Safari, tap the “Share” icon, typically located at the bottom of the screen. This will display various options for how you can share or save your current view.
  4. Add to Home Screen: From the available options, select “Add to Home Screen.” This allows you to create a direct shortcut to the 1Win platform, enhancing accessibility.
  5. Name and Save: You can name the shortcut, perhaps as “1Win App” or another preferred title, for easy identification. Confirm and save the shortcut to finalize its creation.

This method allows users to skip the standard 1Win Aviator download process while still offering complete access to all the platform’s features directly from the home screen.

iOS System Requirements

To ensure a smooth and responsive experience when accessing our platform on iOS, here are the recommended system requirements:

Operating SystemiOS 11.0 or higher
StorageAt least 50 MB free space
Safari VersionUse Safari 11 or newer
RAMAt least 1 GB
DevicesiPhone, iPad

Meeting these requirements ensures that the access to the 1Win Aviator app via the iOS shortcut is consistent, providing a streamlined experience.

How to Register and Log In

To register and log in to the 1Win Aviator platform, follow these steps, whether you’re accessing through the 1Win Aviator APK on Android or the 1Win Aviator iOS shortcut. These steps provide secure and smooth access to your gaming account, allowing you to quickly start enjoying the Aviator experience. Here’s how to prepare your account and begin playing the game:

1win aviator app download for android
  1. Open the App or Shortcut: Launch the 1Win Aviator app on your Android device or the shortcut on your iOS device. This action takes you to the home screen of the platform.
  2. Go to the Registration Page: On the main screen, find and tap the ‘Register’ button. This will direct you to the registration form where you will enter your details.
  3. Fill in Your Details: In the registration form, provide all the required information such as your full name, email address, and date of birth. Choose a strong password for your account to ensure security.
  4. Agree to Terms and Conditions: Read the terms and conditions carefully. If you agree to them, proceed by checking the box indicating your agreement. This step is crucial for responsible gaming and compliance with platform rules.
  5. Complete Registration: Tap the ‘Register’ button at the bottom of the form after filling in your details and agreeing to the terms. This action will create your 1Win Aviator account.
  6. Verify Your Account: Depending on the platform’s requirements, you might need to verify your account via email or SMS. Follow the instructions sent to your email or phone to activate your account fully.
  7. Log In: Once your account is active, return to the home screen and select the ‘Log In’ button. Enter your registered email and password, then tap ‘Log In’ to access your 1Win Aviator account.
  8. Start Playing: After logging in, you are ready to explore and enjoy the Aviator game. Your account will also give you access to various features and betting options available on the platform.

Follow these steps for quick registration and login, allowing immediate access to the 1Win Aviator gaming experience on both Android and iOS platforms.

Features of the 1Win Aviator App

The 1Win Aviator app is a distinctive entry in the crash game market, captivating users with its dynamic multiplayer setup. Central to its design is an increasing multiplier that initiates with each round and can collapse at any moment. Players are tasked with cashing out before the multiplier drops, blending elements of risk and strategy in real time. This unique mechanic ensures a high level of engagement and maintains a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97%, guaranteeing a reliable and equitable gaming environment across devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

1win aviator app crash game

Key features of the 1Win Aviator app include:

The capabilities built into the 1Win Aviator app elevate it beyond the typical crash game, transforming it into a sophisticated platform that enriches the gaming experience. By weaving together competitive gameplay with robust social features, it stands out as a premier choice for players seeking a thrilling and communal online gaming environment. This multifaceted approach not only enhances the excitement of the game but also strengthens the sense of community among its players, positioning the 1Win Aviator as a top-tier option in the online gaming market.

Rules of the Aviator Game

1Win Aviator app introduces a unique and thrilling approach to gameplay, structured around straightforward yet strategic rules. The game operates on a provably fair system, the gold standard for ensuring transparency and fairness in the gambling industry. Here’s how players engage with the game:

1win aviator game download apk
  1. Place Your Bet: Before each round takes off, place your bet. This is your starting point in the game, setting the stage for the potential winnings that follow.
  2. Watch the Lucky Plane: As the round begins, watch as your lucky plane takes off, with winnings increasing as long as it flies. The multiplier starts at 1x and grows, escalating the potential payout.
  3. Cash Out: Decide when to cash out before the plane disappears. The winnings are calculated based on the multiplier at which you cash out, multiplied by your initial bet.
  4. Understand the Risk: Remember, if you don’t cash out before the plane flies away, your bet is lost. The thrill of Aviator is in managing this risk and deciding when to take your winnings.

The game’s foundation is its randomization process; before each round, a multiplier is generated by a provably fair random number generator to determine when the lucky plane will fly away. Players can verify the fairness of each round using the provably fair settings, ensuring every game is transparent and every win is deserved. These rules make Aviator a game of anticipation, strategy, and timing, perfect for players who love the thrill of gambling and strategic decision-making.

Special Promotions for Aviator Game Players

Players of the 1Win Aviator game can take advantage of various special promotions designed to enhance their gaming experience and increase their chances of winning. These promotions are tailored to both new and existing players, providing a range of benefits from substantial deposit bonuses to daily opportunities to win through social media engagements. Here’s a breakdown of our current promotions available for Aviator game players:

1win aviator ios

These promotions and bonuses reflect our dedication to providing a rich and enjoyable gaming experience for all our players, ensuring that every session in the Aviator game is filled with potential and rewards.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Even the most well-designed apps can encounter issues. For players using the 1Win Aviator app, here are quick solutions to some common problems that may arise, ensuring your gaming experience remains smooth:

App Fails to LoadCheck your internet connection and restart the app. If the problem persists, clear the app cache in your device settings.
Error During InstallationEnsure your device meets the app’s system requirements and that you have sufficient storage space.
Problems with DepositsVerify your payment method is correct and supported. If issues continue, contact 1Win support for direct assistance.
Delayed WithdrawalsWithdrawal times can vary based on the method used. If delays exceed expected time frames, consult the 1Win Aviator app’s FAQ or reach out to support.
Gameplay InterruptionsEnsure your device’s firmware is up to date and that no other resource-heavy apps are running in the background. Restarting your device might also help.

Addressing these issues effectively can help maintain the quality of your gaming sessions, keeping the focus on enjoyment and strategic gameplay within the Aviator 1Win app.

1Win Aviator App Screenshots

1 win aviator download
aviator 1win apk
1win aviator apk download for android
1win aviator download apk
1win aviator app download for android
1 win aviator apk


The 1Win Aviator app, optimized for both Android and iOS devices, ensures a smooth and engaging gaming experience with consistent performance across all platforms. It combines key features such as live betting, in-game chat, and extensive statistics to create a dynamic environment where players can strategize and interact. Enhanced by provably fair technology, our app guarantees transparency and fairness in every game session.

With licenses from reputable authorities like the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, the 1Win Aviator app adheres to strict standards of security and fairness. As you explore the Aviator’s rich features and enjoy its optimized gameplay, remember that our support team is always available to help enhance your experience. Explore the 1Win Aviator app today and join a community that appreciates secure, fair, and immersive gaming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download 1Win Aviator app on my Android device?
To download the 1Win Aviator App on Android, visit the official 1Win website, navigate to the Aviator game section, and download the APK file. Ensure your device settings allow installation from unknown sources to complete the setup.
Is the 1Win Aviator App available for iOS users?
While there isn't a direct download available for iOS devices, iOS users can add a shortcut to the 1Win Aviator platform on their home screen through Safari for quick access to the game.
What features does the Aviator 1Win App include?
The 1Win Aviator App is equipped with several engaging features, including live bets, in-game chat, live statistics, auto play, auto cash out, and the ability to see and join other players' bets, enhancing the interactive experience.
Can I play the Aviator App 1Win on both mobile and tablet devices?
Yes, the Aviator App 1Win is optimized for a range of devices, including mobile phones and tablets, ensuring a responsive and adaptive experience across different screen sizes on both Android and iOS.
What is the RTP of the 1Win Aviator game App?
The Aviator 1Win App offers a high Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97%, providing players with a fair chance of winning based on the amount wagered.
+500% Bonus on four deposits

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